Summary of the advice The Values of Valuable Healthcare Technology - An exploratory advice on the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Artificial intelligence, AI, is making its entrance into healthcare. Although this generally occurs outside the regular healthcare system, AI does affect it and will mix with it and ultimately radically change the system.

The Council is of the opinion that AI has much to offer in terms of care. It can increase the quality, accessibility and diversity as well as the affordability and solidarity of care. Nevertheless, there are also risks. AI is not free of value judgement and could undermine these public interests. If the government leaves these developments entirely free from regulation, we run the risk of becoming dependent on dominant private parties.

Taking timely measures is, therefore, important to guide developments in the right direction. This is no easy task. This exploration maps the possible effects of AI in healthcare. The picture is far from complete, however. Whether the identified effects will occur and when, cannot be established in advance. 
The Council, therefore, proposes a two-track approach: a track for the long(er) term and a track to start tomorrow.