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  1. RVS to the new cabinet: set the folowing four priorities for a fundamentally new public health & society policy

    The consequences of the coronavirus crisis are a key issue for many members of the public, employees and administrators. It is ...

    Publication | 24-06-2021

  2. Workprogramme 2020 - 2024

    The 5 challenges of our work programme 2020-2024 The ageing population, pressure on the labour market, increasing complexity, ...

    Publication | 30-07-2020

  3. Recommendation regarding Intensive voluntary help - Clear limits on the use of coercion in youth care

    There is much uncertainty about the use of coercion (“drang”)  in the field of voluntary youth care. Juveniles and their parents ...

    Publication | 12-03-2020

  4. Future of the BIG Act: what's next?

    Summary to the advisory report 'The C of Competent - Towards a future-proof BIG Act'

    Publication | 10-10-2019

  5. Summary of the advice 'The Third Phase of Life: the Gift of the Century'

    In the last century, we have been gifted an extra phase of life. We are getting older and, moreover, stay healthy longer. As a ...

    Publication | 12-09-2019

  6. Trust Well Earned: a New Approach to Accountability for Better Healthcare

    At the moment, accountability does not make enough of a contribution to better healthcare and social care. Patients and clients ...

    Publication | 29-05-2019

  7. Summary of the advice The Values of Valuable Healthcare Technology - An exploratory advice on the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence in healthcare

    Artificial intelligence, AI, is making its entrance into healthcare. Although this generally occurs outside the regular ...

    Publication | 05-02-2019

  8. Summary Age limits - Better opportunities for vulnerable young people

    Dutch Law is rife with age limits. The most ‘iconic’ of these limits is perhaps the one at 18, the age at which Dutch citizens ...

    Publication | 02-07-2018

  9. Development of new medicines - Better, faster, cheaper

    Publication | 09-11-2017

  10. Empowered to gain control. Care and support for people with multiple problems

    More and more people have to deal with a combination of physical, mental and social problems. To meet their multiple care needs, ...

    Publication | 10-10-2017