No evidence without context. About the illusion of evidence‐based practice in healthcare

Date: 19 juni 2017. Type: Advice

Evidence-based practice as the basis for good healthcare is an illusion. The Council for Public Health and Society (Raad voor Volksgezondheid en Samenleving, RVS) pleads the case in a recommendation... read more

Life issues are more than just medical problems

Date: 23 mei 2017. Type: Advice

Energetic and overly active schoolchildren, an unfulfilled desire to have children, and growing old that comes with its shortcomings – problems such as these, which are related to specific... read more

Long-term employability and health

Date: 28 april 2015. Type: Advice

A pressing social issue In the future, individuals will extend their working lives until a more advanced age than is currently the case. While for many people this will not pose a problem, a portion... read more

Consumer eHealth

Date: 21 april 2015. Type: Advice

In this advisory report the Council for Public Health and Health Care draws attention to the emergence of consumer eHealth. The Council defines consumer eHealth as information and communication... read more

Preventing disease of affluence: a summary

Date: 05 april 2015. Type: Advice

Diseases of affluence, or loss of health due to lifestyle habits associated with modern affluent society, usually feature far less in prevention policy compared with infectious diseases and accidents.... read more

Giving policyholders a voice

Date: 08 december 2014. Type: Advice

As of 2006, the position of healthcare insurers in the healthcare system has changed. Healthcare insurers are now expected to purchase affordable, accessible high-quality healthcare on behalf of their... read more

Patient information

Date: 04 juli 2014. Type:

The organisation of information systems should focus on the patient. A proper information system is of vital importance for the effective and efficient provision of healthcare. This applies not only... read more

With the knowledge of tomorrow

Date: 24 juni 2014. Type: Advice

Questions How will Dutch healthcare develop in the long term? And what opportunities and dilemmas must the healthcare system be prepared for? These are the questions at the core of this advisory... read more

Municipal care: Preconditions for the successful decentralisation of long-term healthcare to municip

Date: 31 maart 2014. Type: Advice

The central question The tenability of healthcare spending will pose a problem over the coming decades. Quality and accessibility are currently adequate, but healthcare expenditures are too high and... read more

Guaranteeing the quality of health care

Date: 19 december 2013. Type: Advice

Are management boards and supervisory boards equipped to ensure the quality and safety of care, both now and in the future? Care institutions are currently facing turbulent times: many old... read more

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