Summary Age limits - Better opportunities for vulnerable young people

Date: 02 juli 2018. Type: Advice

Dutch Law is rife with age limits. The most 'iconic' of these limits is perhaps the one at 18, the age at which Dutch citizens reach the age of majority. However, other ages also play an important rol... read more

Development of new medicines. Better, faster, cheaper

Date: 09 november 2017. Type: Advice

The governmental authorities need a different approach to pharmaceuticals manufacturers. If they are not prepared to ask a socially acceptable price for their products in negotiations, the authorities... read more

Empowered to gain control. Care and support for people with multiple problems

Date: 10 oktober 2017. Type: Advice

More and more people have to deal with a combination of physical, mental and social problems. To meet their multiple care needs, many different healthcare providers and social care workers are involve... read more

A focus on the healthcare relationship

Date: 03 oktober 2017. Type: Advice

In 2006 a unique healthcare system was introduced in the Netherlands which has made private, competing health insurers responsible, via healthcare purchasing, for achieving public goals in the area of... read more

Simplicity pays. Solutions to avoid debts

Date: 26 juni 2017. Type: Advice

Having debts can significantly impact people's health, well-being and social relationships. It also leads to significant costs on the part of, for example, creditors, debtors, government bodies and ca... read more

No evidence without context. About the illusion of evidence‐based practice in healthcare

Date: 19 juni 2017. Type: Advice

Evidence-based practice as the basis for good healthcare is an illusion. The Council for Public Health and Society (Raad voor Volksgezondheid en Samenleving, RVS) pleads the case in a recommendation i... read more

Life issues are more than just medical problems

Date: 23 mei 2017. Type: Advice

Energetic and overly active schoolchildren, an unfulfilled desire to have children, and growing old that comes with its shortcomings - problems such as these, which are related to specific stages in l... read more

Long-term employability and health

Date: 28 april 2015. Type: Advice

*A pressing social issue* In the future, individuals will extend their working lives until a more advanced age than is currently the case. While for many people this will not pose a problem, a portion... read more

Consumer eHealth

Date: 21 april 2015. Type: Advice

In this advisory report the Council for Public Health and Health Care draws attention to the emergence of consumer eHealth. The Council defines consumer eHealth as information and communication techno... read more

Preventing disease of affluence: a summary

Date: 05 april 2015. Type: Advice

Diseases of affluence, or loss of health due to lifestyle habits associated with modern affluent society, usually feature far less in prevention policy compared with infectious diseases and accidents.... read more

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