Medical-specialist care in 20/20: a summary

Date: 10 november 2011. Type: Advice

The medical specialist care landscape in 2020 will look very different from how we know it at present. The need for change is driven, on the one hand, by the strong growth in the demand for healthcare... read more

Aiming for Health

Date: 04 oktober 2011. Type: Advice

In the trend of rising life expectancies, the Netherlands continues to lag behind a number of other European countries. Differences in the quality of care among individual hospitals and healthcare pro... read more

Provisions for labour-saving innovations in healthcare

Date: 01 juli 2011. Type: Advice

The core question that concerns this recommendation is the following: read more

The new rules of the game

Date: 01 mei 2011. Type: Advice

Public debates are important for a democratic society. They are a way of ensuring that public opinions and social norms, which are often based on divergent values, are given tangible form as well as a... read more

Competent = qualified

Date: 13 april 2011. Type: Advice

Innovative education and training and new health care professions The 13th of April, 2011 the Council for Public Health and Health Care in the Netherlands has published its advisory report ‘Innovati... read more

Perspective of Health 20/20

Date: 20 maart 2010. Type: Advice

The government’s role is to createa perspective and the conditions for good, sustainable care properspective, which matches changing care requirements of a changing client population. Efforts to man... read more

‘Good patientship’

Date: 20 maart 2010. Type: Advice

In recent decades, there has rightly been considerable emphasis on the rights of patients. read more

Health 2.0

Date: 23 februari 2010. Type: Advice

Advisory produced by the Council for Public Health and Health Care for the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport read more

Many opportunities for improving public health are missed

Date: 19 mei 2009. Type: Advice

What applies to individuals also applies to the Dutch population as a whole: even if you are in good health, you could gain a lot by, for example, getting more exercise, not smoking and avoiding work-... read more

Expenditure Management in Health Care

Date: 22 april 2009. Type: Advice

Recommendation issued by the Council for Public Health and Health Care to the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. read more

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