The Prevention Concert

Date: 25 maart 2005.

This report is an international comparison of the organisation of public health in the Netherlands, Germany, England, Hungary, Finland and Sweden.

In many areas of public health the Netherlands has played first fiddle in recent times: interdepartmentally, internationally, in collecting health data. Except in this latter area, though, the ‘law of the retarding lead’ seems to have been in operation: other countries have taken advantage of Dutch experience and knowledge to move forward themselves. So the Netherlands can now learn from foreign experience in order to orchestrate its public health better.

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Interessante sessie op APH annual meeting over het RVS rapport 'zonder context geen bewijs' met Jan Kremer en Henk……
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We moeten toe naar een lerend systeem gericht op continue verbeteren. Meer aandacht voor de context en wat patiënt……
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