The new rules of the game

Date: 01 mei 2011.

Public debates are important for a democratic society. They are a way of ensuring that public opinions and social norms, which are often based on divergent values, are given tangible form as well as a place on political and social agendas. A public debate is by nature pluralistic. The public domain is after all essentially a domain of multiplicity, of the different values and opinions about how to strive for common interests.
In this advisory report, the Dutch Council for Social Development (RMO) examines the role of new media in the public debate.

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Daan Dohmen
In ons advies vandaag over "schulden" ook eenvoudige, digitale uitleg door Steffie. Hele advies op site @raadRVS
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Staatsecretaris Klijnsma krijgt advies 'Eenvoud loont' nadat Steffie heeft uitgelegd dat de overheid veel schulden……
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