Perspective of Health 20/20

Date: 20 maart 2010.

The government’s role is to createa perspective and the conditions for good, sustainable care properspective, which matches changing care requirements of a changing client population. Efforts to manage costs within the care sector will reflect the government’s vision for the sector.

What problems does this care agenda address?
A new lperspective of care is needed if care provision is to remain sustainable under the increasing pressure that will develop over the next ten years. The strategic care agenda set out in this report provides a basis for such a new perspective.

What are the implications for consumers?
The availability, quality and accessibility of appropriate care will remain assured. However, consumers will be expected to do more themselves, to accept more responsibility for their health and lifestyles and, when ill, their treatment. Consumers will be helped to take on responsibility by, for example, providing walk-in centres, ICT facilities and support from their insurers.

What are the implications for care providers?
Care providers will be expected to deliver greater quality, efficiency and transparency. Investments will be expected to yield a better social return, in terms of health and participation. Providers who deliver will be appropriately rewarded, however. Restructuring will create an environment that is more competitive, but also affords greater freedom and more opportunity. After all, the demand for care will continue to grow strongly in the years ahead.

What will it cost?
This report sets out a vision of care that is sustainable and affordable. Sustainable and affordable care implies less rapid growth in care expenditure. At least as important, it implies an environment in which support for collective care and public health can flourish.

What’s new?
A shift in emphasis from treating illness to promoting health. An integrated set of tools for restructuring over the next ten years.

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